Vilnius, April 17  /  Kaunas, April 18

International Higher Education Fair 2020 is hosted by “Study Plan International”, a boutique educational agency based in Vilnius, which aims at providing bespoke service to its clients and industry partners alike.

Why join the fair:

You will have a unique opportunity to promote your higher education institution in one of the Eastern and Northern Europe’s most dynamic countries for international student recruitment, Lithuania.

Fact: Approximately 20% of the country’s young people who seek to acquire higher education are looking for both Undergraduate and Postgraduate options abroad. More than 6000 students per annum opt for studies in foreign countries.

International Higher Education Fair 2021 is an exclusive event in Lithuania aimed at promoting higher education with a substantial emphasis not only on the Undegraduate, but the Postgraduate sector, too.

 The fair will be attended by senior school students and their parents looking for UG options, as well as school teachers. Also, university students and working professionals researching PG opportunities abroad.

Vilnius and Kaunas are the largest cities in Lithuania with a combined population of over 1.5 million. Over 80% of all international higher education student recruitment from Lithuania is generated in Vilnius and Kaunas metropolitan areas.

The fair will be extensively promoted in mass media and on social networks, as well as in the local educational institutions.

 Expected number of visitors – 2000.